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Zenith fusion festival: Regenerating Traditions

Zenith is a boutique festival that showcases an anthology of Bulgaria’s beauty. Zenith simply makes use of what is already locally present: nature, heritage, culture. The festival supports initiatives that successfully create contemporary relevant ways for tradition to survive and regenerate. During the day businesses, craftsmen and organizations show their take on it through workshops and lectures. During the night local acts, modern ethno bands and world music DJ's fuse styles, times and continents. The amphitheatrical stage becomes a window to the world. All participants are active on the crossroad of LOCAL and GLOBAL, PAST and FUTURE.

Zenith Fusion festival takes place on 24, 25 and 26 June, thereby kicking off the festival season. The first day, 24.06, is known as the folkloric Midsummer (”Enyovden”) marked by the Summer Solstice and is one of the country’s most vivid and joyful folklore traditions.

Find us at the village of Dolen, an architectural reserve, hosting a beautiful historic center, fun grandmothers, breathtaking panorama's and of course... a staggeringly beautiful amphitheater.


The camping area is located right next to the music site.

  • - Camping is free
  • - Please don't litter
  • - (Hot water) showers with panorama available
  • - Please use only designated fire places
  • - Caravans and campers are not allowed. Please park in the new town.
  • - Security and safety on the camping is the visitor's responsibility
  • - See section "Rooms" for other accommodation options


Dolen is situated about 25km away from Gotse Delchev, in the direction of Satovcha. It is a historical cultural reserve.

  • - See below for map
  • - Historic village: the historic center is NOT accessible by car, for reasons of aesthetics and visitor experience.
  • - Cars can be parked in the modern part of town (before the festival's entrance)
  • - Luggage can be transported by organised transport (horse & chariot, jeep, ..) or by foot (400m)


Zenith loves kids! A series of kids activities are organised during the day in the workshop area. In the meantime parents can attend lectures, hike, relax, ...

  • - 0-12Y: FREE
  • - 12-17Y: 50% (available on the spot only) of the parent's ticket price
  • - Baby beds can be provided if requested when booking the room.

300 tickets

300 COMBO tickets only!

  • <01.05.2016 = 50 BGN
  • 01.05 - 23.06.2016 / <300 tickets = 75 BGN
  • TICKETS @ Ticket Logic:

-- Day

-- Day --



05:00/// Harvesting herbs*
14:00/// Herb chats. Identification, storage, herbariums*
15:00/// Practical seminar on the relation between Bulgarian and Ayurvedic herbs*
16:00/// eLek: herbs in action*
17:00/// Painting exhibition “The glow of herbs”*


16:00/// Stories and myths*
16:00/// Handicrafts*




13:30/// Herbal therapies. Individual consultations with physiotherapist Veselin Ivanov*
14:00/// MESHTRA: Architectural heritage and modern preservation techniques*
15:00/// The Idea Factory: Baba Residence. Social entrepreneurship by intergenerational exchanges with village locals*
16:00/// MESHTRA: Guided walk around Dolen**
16:00/// Percussion masterclass by Ahmet Misirli*
17:00/// Zhivo Selo: the realities of village life*


14:00/// Animated fairytale (workshop)*
14:00/// Bagpipe workshop*
15:00/// Traditional dances*




11:00/// Dance with traditions (for adults)*
11:00/// MESHTRA: Guided walk around Dolen*
12:30/// Silver traditions. How to hand-craft silver jewellery*
14:00/// The colours of (local) stone: painting with sand*
15:30/// DIY punk beer brewing*


12:00/// Montessori classes*
12:00/// Bagpipe workshop*
13:30/// Kids’ cinema*


-- Rooms

-- Rooms --

Accommodation in a guesthouse
Staying over at a local definitely adds a lot your festival experience. Your host, most likely a grandmother, will be able to tell you a lot about the village and its people. They’re perfect hosts, happy to welcome new people and excite them about the village’s magic.


Payment method

  • Only deposit to be paid in advance. Balance to be paid on the spot, at the guest house.
  • Online payments by all major bank cards (Visa Electron, MasterCard, …) through Paypal platform. NO ACCOUNT NEEDED
  • In case you cannot make online payments, mail us for further assistance: night /at/ zenithfestival.com
  • Only double rooms available! Sleeping alone,means paying for two…


Booking process

  • Once we’ve received the deposit payment we will send you an e-mail with detailed contact information and address of your guest house.
  • We suggest you contact your host in advance and agree upon a check-in time. If not, late-night or early-morning check-ins will not be accepted.
  • At the festival just check-in directly at the guest house and pay the remaining balance to the guest house owner



  • 25BGN/pers
  • For those on a rather small budget, but prefer a bed and proper night rest
  • New village, shared bathroom


  • 35BGN/pers
  • For those on a good budget, enjoying the charm and comfort of descent guest house
  • Old village, shared bathroom


  • 30BGN/pers
  • For those on a larger budget and prefer to enjoy the night in full comfort
  • New village, private bathroom



-- Contact

-- Contact --

+359 886 837 818
dolen (at) zenithfestival (dot) com


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